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We consult in building A well-designed digital workplace that can help you be more productive, focused and connected.

SharePoint Document Control System

SharePoint Compliance Management Solution

Webpart to search across thousands of documents

Don’t miss out on document

metadata while uploading them


Question Builder with digital

signature solution

Export multiple SharePoint items to PowerPoint, Excel, Word or PDF

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Enterprise Content Management for the 21st Century

If you are looking for a Content Management Solution that covers the entire spectrum of services possible around Microsoft SharePoint, then you need to contact IntelliScripts. Our Consultants have years of experience and product knowledge that will ensure an intuitive and efficient system for your users. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


Our services are these to enhance your business productivity!

Engaging Employees for a Brighter Future

IntelliScripts can help you engage your workforce by automating engagement processes and tracking employee productivity.

Collaboration & Productivity Services

If you’re looking for a way to improve your collaboration and communication skills, consider IntelliScripts. Our services will help you get the job done no matter where your team is located. Contact us today to learn more about our unique approach to productivity improvement.

Document Services

Do you need a document management system that is flexible and able to fit your enterprise's culture and goals? IntelliScripts can help! We have a variety of solutions that can tightly control the life cycle of documents, or let you implement a more loosely structured system. Contact us today to learn more!

SharePoint Design Service

Would you like to create a custom Intranet solution or integrate SharePoint with your company’s brand identity? IntelliScripts is here to help you build the perfect solution! Contact us today for more information.

Who We Work With

IntelliScripts is like a human bridge that can help connect technical and non-technical teams in your digital workplace. We understand the importance of working with both technical and non-technical teams, so we can provide a human touch to your digital work.

Satisfying businesses by increase their efficiency

I recently had the pleasure of working with Nitin on two different projects and I can confidently say that he has exceeded my expectations. Nitin is a true professional, who possesses both the technical skills and creativity needed to deliver exceptional work. Nitin demonstrated a great attention to detail, delivering a flawless final product. The work was completed on time and within budget, which was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Nitin to anyone looking for a reliable and skilled freelancer.


Finances & Territoires

Nitin is an exceptional individual who generously offered his assistance to us for an hour without expecting any payment. His support was invaluable, and I insisted on compensating him for the consultation.


Furthermore, he possesses extensive expertise in SharePoint, and I enthusiastically endorse him for any SharePoint project.

Ahmed Youssef


  • Can you integrate SharePoint with other systems or platforms?
    Yes, we have extensive experience integrating SharePoint with various systems and platforms. Whether you need SharePoint to integrate with your existing enterprise systems, third-party applications, or other cloud services, we can help you achieve seamless connectivity and data synchronization.
  • Do you provide ongoing support and maintenance for SharePoint solutions?
    Absolutely! We offer comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of your SharePoint environment. Our team of experts is available to address any issues, provide updates, perform regular maintenance tasks, and assist with scaling or optimizing your SharePoint solution.
  • What is SPFx, and how can it benefit my SharePoint environment?
    SPFx (SharePoint Framework) is a modern development model introduced by Microsoft for extending SharePoint Online and SharePoint OnPremise functionality. SPFx allows developers to build custom web parts, extensions, and solutions using modern web technologies such as TypeScript, React, and Node.js. By leveraging SPFx, organizations can enhance their SharePoint experience with tailored components, improved user interfaces, and seamless integration with other applications.
  • How can Power Apps and Power Automate complement SharePoint solutions
    Power Apps and Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow) are part of the Microsoft Power Platform and offer powerful capabilities for creating custom applications and automating workflows. When integrated with SharePoint, Power Apps enables the creation of no-code/low-code applications that can be used to streamline processes, build forms, and extend functionality. Power Automate allows the automation of business processes and workflows, triggering actions based on events in SharePoint or other connected systems. By combining Power Apps and Power Automate with SharePoint, organizations can enhance productivity, automate tasks, and create intuitive user experiences.
  • What technologies are you experts in for SharePoint custom development?
    At IntelliScripts, we have expertise in a range of technologies for SharePoint custom development. Some of the key technologies we specialize in include: SPFx (SharePoint Framework): We have extensive experience in building modern web parts and extensions using SPFx, enabling us to create powerful and customized solutions for your SharePoint environment. SharePoint OnPremise Development: We are proficient in developing solutions for SharePoint OnPremise deployments, leveraging our deep understanding of SharePoint architecture and customization capabilities. Typescript: Our team of developers is well-versed in TypeScript, a popular programming language for building scalable and maintainable applications, allowing us to create robust and efficient customizations for SharePoint. Power Apps: We have expertise in leveraging Power Apps to create no-code/low-code applications that seamlessly integrate with SharePoint, empowering organizations to build custom forms and applications tailored to their specific needs. Power Automate: With our proficiency in Power Automate, we can automate business processes and workflows, integrating SharePoint with other systems and triggering actions based on predefined conditions. Our diverse skill set in these technologies enables us to deliver comprehensive SharePoint custom development solutions. If you have specific technology requirements or would like to discuss how these technologies can benefit your organization, feel free to reach out to us.
  • What is SharePoint?
    SharePoint is a powerful collaboration and document management platform developed by Microsoft. It provides organizations with a centralized space for storing, organizing, and sharing information, fostering seamless teamwork and enhancing productivity.
  • What SharePoint custom development services do you offer?
    At IntelliScripts, we specialize in a range of SharePoint custom development services. Our expertise includes: - Custom webpart development: We create tailored webparts to extend the functionality of your SharePoint environment and meet your unique business requirements. - Workflow development: We design and implement workflows to automate business processes, streamline approvals, and improve efficiency. - Document management system: We build comprehensive document management systems that facilitate seamless document creation, storage, version control, and collaboration. - Policy management services: We help organizations establish effective policy management frameworks within SharePoint, ensuring compliance and governance.
  • How can SharePoint custom development benefit my organization?
    SharePoint custom development offers numerous advantages, such as: - Enhanced collaboration: SharePoint empowers teams to collaborate in real-time, enabling seamless communication and knowledge sharing. - Streamlined processes: Custom workflows automate repetitive tasks, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency. - Tailored solutions: With custom webparts and extensions, you can address specific business needs and unlock additional functionality in your SharePoint environment. - Document control and security: SharePoint's document management capabilities provide version control, access permissions, and secure document sharing, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.
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