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Quotation Builder and Approval Workflow Automation using SharePoint and PandaDoc Integration

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IntelliScripts Streamlines Quotation and Approval Workflow for Pacific Energy Group using SharePoint and PandaDoc Integration


Apr, 2023




Pacific Energy Group faced challenges in efficiently managing their equipment rental quotation process. The existing manual method was time-consuming and prone to errors. They needed a centralized tool that would simplify the quotation building process, automate approval workflows, and seamlessly integrate with PandaDoc for digital signatures.


Quotation Builder: IntelliScripts implemented a custom quotation builder using SharePoint SPFx (SharePoint Framework) and SPFx Form Customizer extension. This allowed Pacific Energy Group to easily select equipment, choose rental period types (daily, monthly, weekly, yearly), and provide rates to generate professional quotations.

Client Database Integration: The system seamlessly integrated with Pacific Energy Group's client database. When creating a quotation, the system automatically populated client details such as name, address, and email, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Approval Workflow Automation: IntelliScripts designed an approval workflow within SharePoint, allowing quotations to be routed to the appropriate personnel for review and approval. The system tracked the approval status, ensuring efficient collaboration and timely decision-making.

PandaDoc Integration for Digital Signatures: IntelliScripts developed a template in PandaDoc, a document automation platform, and integrated it with an Azure Function-based code. The system utilized PandaDoc APIs to submit the quotation form for digital signatures. Once signed by authorized personnel, the document was automatically returned to SharePoint with the signature for historical records and client reference.


SharePoint: IntelliScripts leveraged SharePoint, a robust collaboration and content management platform, for developing the quotation builder and approval workflow automation system.
SharePoint SPFx (SharePoint Framework) and SPFx Form Customizer extension: IntelliScripts utilized SharePoint SPFx and SPFx Form Customizer extension to customize the quotation form and enhance the user experience.
PandaDoc: IntelliScripts integrated PandaDoc, a document automation platform, for the digital signature functionality and seamless document management.
Azure Functions: Two Azure Functions were developed and utilized for sending documents to PandaDoc and receiving signed documents, respectively.

Pacific Energy Group, a leading provider of infrastructure works and equipment rentals in the South Pacific region, approached IntelliScripts with a specific requirement to develop a quotation builder tool integrated with SharePoint. They needed a solution that would allow them to select equipment, specify rental periods, generate quotations, and automate the approval process. IntelliScripts successfully delivered a comprehensive solution that streamlined the quotation creation, approval, and digital signing process using PandaDoc.

IntelliScripts successfully assisted Pacific Energy Group in implementing a streamlined quotation builder and approval workflow automation system. The solution improved the efficiency and accuracy of the quotation process, eliminated manual errors, and accelerated the approval cycle through seamless integration with PandaDoc. Pacific Energy Group can now generate professional quotations, obtain digital signatures, and maintain historical records easily, enhancing their overall business operations.

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