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Intelliscripts Transforms Data Synchronization for AFI Fire & Safety

Project type

Power Automate Flow


March, 2023




AFI Fire & Safety relied on a Google Sheet for data management, which needed to be synchronized with their SharePoint List. However, manual data entry and updating processes led to inconsistencies and time-consuming efforts. AFI Fire & Safety required a solution that would automate the synchronization process, ensuring that data was promptly and accurately reflected in both the Google Sheet and SharePoint List.


Intelliscripts tackled the data synchronization challenge by implementing a comprehensive solution using Microsoft Power Automate. The solution consisted of five custom-built flows that seamlessly integrated the Google Sheet and SharePoint List, enabling real-time updates and weekly full syncs.

The four dedicated flows were designed to synchronize individual records in each list whenever a new item was created or an existing item was updated. This ensured that data changes in either the Google Sheet or SharePoint List were instantly reflected in both systems, eliminating the need for manual intervention and reducing the risk of data discrepancies.

In addition, Intelliscripts developed a timer-triggered flow that executed every Saturday, performing a comprehensive two-way sync between the Google Sheet and SharePoint List. This weekly full sync guaranteed that all records from both systems were accurately merged, providing a unified and up-to-date dataset for AFI Fire & Safety.


Intelliscripts leveraged the power of Microsoft Power Automate to develop the data synchronization solution for AFI Fire & Safety. Power Automate provided a robust and flexible platform to automate workflows and integrate various systems seamlessly. By utilizing the capabilities of Power Automate, Intelliscripts ensured efficient data synchronization between the Google Sheet and SharePoint List, saving time and enhancing data accuracy for AFI Fire & Safety.

With Intelliscripts' data synchronization solution, AFI Fire & Safety was able to eliminate manual data entry and updates, reducing the risk of errors and discrepancies. The seamless integration between the Google Sheet and SharePoint List empowered AFI Fire & Safety to manage their data more effectively, resulting in improved productivity and streamlined operations.

Intelliscripts successfully developed a robust data synchronization solution for AFI Fire & Safety, a leading provider of Fire Safety Consulting, Fire Safety Designs, and Fire Safety Annual Statements. The project involved the seamless integration of a Google Sheet and SharePoint List, ensuring real-time updates and weekly full syncs. By leveraging Power Automate, Intelliscripts delivered a reliable and efficient solution to streamline data management for AFI Fire & Safety.

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