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IntelliScripts Streamlines Equipment Compliance Management for Pacific Energy Group

Project type

SharePoint Compliance Management


Jan 2023




Pacific Energy Group operates across multiple countries in the South Pacific, serving clients in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and Fiji. With a wide range of equipment and compliance requirements, the client faced challenges in effectively organizing and monitoring their equipment and associated compliances. They needed a centralized platform that would enable them to manage equipment records, assign compliance conditions, track compliance deadlines, and generate reports to ensure regulatory adherence.


IntelliScripts leveraged their expertise in SharePoint development to design and implement a comprehensive Equipment Compliance Management System for Pacific Energy Group. The solution offered the following key features and functionalities:

Equipment Management: IntelliScripts developed a user-friendly interface that allows Pacific Energy Group to maintain a centralized repository of equipment records. This includes capturing essential details such as equipment type, model, serial number, and maintenance history.

Compliance Assignment: The system enables the client to assign compliance conditions to individual equipment or groups of equipment. These conditions define the specific requirements and frequencies for regulatory compliance.

Compliance Tracking and Reminders: The system proactively monitors compliance deadlines and sends automated reminders to designated personnel, ensuring timely action is taken to meet regulatory obligations. Reminders can be configured based on daily, monthly, yearly, or perpetual frequencies, as per the client's preference.

Reporting and Analytics: IntelliScripts incorporated robust reporting capabilities that allow Pacific Energy Group to generate detailed compliance reports for any given equipment. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of compliances met and those still pending, empowering the client to make informed decisions and take necessary actions.


SharePoint Online: The solution was developed using SharePoint Online, providing a secure and scalable platform for equipment compliance management.
Microsoft Power Platform: IntelliScripts leveraged the Microsoft Power Platform to enhance the system's functionality, customization options, and integration capabilities.
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: These web technologies were utilized to create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for the Equipment Compliance Management System.

Pacific Energy Group, a leading provider of High and Low Voltage Overhead and Underground Infrastructure Works in the South Pacific region, required a comprehensive solution to manage their equipment and ensure compliance with regulations. They sought a tool built in SharePoint Online that would enable them to efficiently maintain their equipment records, track compliance requirements, and receive timely reminders for upcoming compliance deadlines. IntelliScripts, a trusted technology partner, undertook the task to develop a robust system that would streamline equipment compliance management for Pacific Energy Group.

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