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Intelliscripts Streamlines Document Management for Dakoko Precision Components

Project type

Document Control System


Dec, 2021




Dakoko Precision Components faced significant challenges in their document management process. With complex manufacturing operations spanning months and involving numerous small parts, the existing manual document control methods caused delays, confusion, and compliance issues. The lack of a centralized system made it difficult to track and manage various document categories, approvals, and version control. Inefficient communication channels and a convoluted approval workflow further hampered productivity, resulting in costly delays and errors. Dakoko required a comprehensive solution that could automate document control, improve collaboration, and provide a clear production flow for project managers.


Intelliscripts developed and implemented a customized Document Control System for Dakoko Precision Components, addressing the company's specific requirements. Leveraging SharePoint SPFx, Azure Logic Apps, and Azure Function Apps, Intelliscripts created a robust framework that revolutionized document management and approval processes.

Intelliscripts' Document Control System was built on the following key features and components:

Centralized Document Repository: The system provided a centralized repository for storing documents, ensuring easy access, and eliminating the need for physical document transfer. Each document could be associated with metadata, such as category, client, cycle time, and machine name.

Hierarchical Folder Structure: The system organized documents into a hierarchical folder structure, reflecting the main parts and their subparts. This structure enabled efficient organization and retrieval of documents.

Categorized Document Approvals: Each subpart required specific document categories for approval. The system facilitated the creation and management of different document categories, each with designated approvers.

Version Control and Retirement: The system enforced version control by automatically retiring existing documents of the same category when a new document was approved. It maintained a clear version history, ensuring the latest document had the highest major version.

Document Security and Permissions: Intelliscripts implemented a complex permission structure to ensure appropriate access controls. Users had role-based access to view, edit, or approve documents based on their responsibilities and authorization levels.

Audit Trail and Approval History: The system maintained a comprehensive approval history, allowing easy auditing and traceability. The approval history provided insights into document progression and facilitated compliance with regulatory requirements.

Automated Email Notifications: Intelliscripts configured the system to send daily email notifications at 8 AM, reminding users of pending approvals and notifying them of approved documents. This streamlined communication and improved overall process efficiency.

Integration with External Systems: When a file was sent for approval, the system seamlessly integrated with other relevant systems, ensuring all necessary reviews and evaluations were completed.

Production Flow Visualization: For project managers, the system provided a production flow that detailed step-by-step procedures for each part. This feature enhanced visibility and facilitated efficient coordination between different teams.

Outsourced Folder Support: The system allowed the designation of specific folders as "Outsourced," enabling different approvers for each document category within those folders. The production flow also highlighted this distinction, ensuring clear instructions for outsourced parts.

Preview, Discussion, and Approval History: During the approval process, users had access to a preview of the document, a discussion board for collaboration and tagging other employees, and a view of the approval history. These features improved transparency and facilitated effective communication.


SharePoint SPFx: SharePoint SPFx (SharePoint Framework) is a development framework used to build customized solutions and applications on the SharePoint platform. It allows developers to create web parts, extensions, and other components that enhance SharePoint's functionality and user experience.

Azure Logic Apps: Azure Logic Apps is a cloud-based service that provides a way to automate and orchestrate workflows and processes across different systems and applications. It offers a visual designer to create workflows using a wide range of connectors, enabling seamless integration between various services and data sources.

Azure Function Apps: Azure Function Apps is a serverless compute service offered by Microsoft Azure. It allows developers to write and deploy small pieces of code (functions) that can be triggered by events or invoked via HTTP requests. Function Apps provide a scalable and cost-effective solution for executing code without the need to manage server infrastructure.

Intelliscripts successfully designed and implemented a robust Document Control System for Dakoko Precision Components, a leading contract manufacturer in the automobile industry. The system significantly streamlined the complex document management process, providing a centralized repository with enhanced metadata features, secure access controls, automated approvals, and comprehensive audit capabilities. Intelliscripts leveraged SharePoint SPFx, Azure Logic Apps, and Azure Function Apps to deliver a tailored solution that met Dakoko's unique requirements, ensuring efficient collaboration, compliance, and productivity.

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