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IntelliScripts Helps Pacific Energy Group Streamline Compliance Management in SharePoint Online


People Compliance Management System Development in SharePoint Online


Oct, 2022




Pacific Energy Group faced challenges in managing compliance requirements for their extensive workforce spread across multiple locations. With various compliance needs such as training, resume updates, and insurances, they needed a centralized system to streamline and automate the compliance management process. The lack of an efficient tool made it difficult for them to track employee compliance, resulting in potential compliance gaps and missed deadlines.


IntelliScripts developed a customized compliance management system using SharePoint Online to address Pacific Energy Group's specific requirements. The solution included the following key features:

Employee Management: The system allowed Pacific Energy Group to maintain a comprehensive list of employees, including their personal details, job roles, and compliance history.

Compliance Conditions and Groups: IntelliScripts created a flexible framework where the client could define compliance conditions and group employees based on their specific compliance needs. This allowed for efficient assignment of compliance requirements to individuals or groups.

Compliance Reminders: The system automatically generated reminders and notifications well in advance of compliance due dates. This ensured that employees and supervisors were aware of upcoming compliance tasks, reducing the risk of missed deadlines.

Compliance Tracking: IntelliScripts implemented a tracking mechanism that monitored and recorded compliance completion. The system provided a real-time overview of each employee's compliance status, highlighting both completed and pending requirements.

Reporting Capabilities: The solution allowed clients to generate customized reports for individual employees, providing a comprehensive view of their compliance history. This feature facilitated auditing processes and ensured regulatory compliance.


SharePoint Online: As a robust collaboration and content management platform, SharePoint Online formed the foundation for building the compliance management system.
Azure Function: IntelliScripts utilized Azure Functions, a serverless computing service provided by Microsoft Azure, to develop and deploy the functionality responsible for sending daily reminder emails to employees regarding their compliance tasks.
IntelliScripts: IntelliScripts leveraged its expertise in SharePoint development and Azure Function integration to design and implement the customized solution, meeting the client's specific requirements.

Pacific Energy Group, a leading provider of infrastructure works and maintenance services in the South Pacific region, approached IntelliScripts with a specific requirement to develop a compliance management system in SharePoint Online. The system needed to enable them to efficiently maintain their employee's information and track compliance requirements such as training, resume updates, insurances, and more. IntelliScripts successfully delivered a robust solution that automated compliance tracking, provided timely reminders, and facilitated comprehensive reporting.

IntelliScripts successfully assisted Pacific Energy Group in implementing a comprehensive compliance management system, enhancing their ability to track and maintain employee compliance. The streamlined processes, automated reminders through Azure Functions, and comprehensive reporting capabilities provided by IntelliScripts' solution have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of Pacific Energy Group's compliance management practices.

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