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IntelliScripts Helps Ideereka Optimize Mattermost Deployment on Azure

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Azure Configuration


June, 2023




Ideereka faced a challenge with their existing Mattermost cloud access as a result of a policy change by Mattermost. They were forced to purchase a minimum of 10 user licenses, despite not requiring them. This unnecessary expense was a financial burden on their organization. To mitigate this issue and optimize their collaboration platform, Ideereka sought a solution to migrate from the cloud-based version to a self-hosted version of Mattermost.


IntelliScripts, a leading technology solutions provider, came to the rescue by offering a seamless migration from Mattermost cloud to a self-hosted version on Microsoft Azure. Our team of experts skillfully executed the following steps:

Installation of Mattermost Team Edition on Azure:
IntelliScripts leveraged the Mattermost Team Edition, which offers advanced collaboration features and enhances security. We installed the Mattermost Team Edition, packaged by Bitnami, on Ideereka's Microsoft Azure subscription.

Configuration of SSL and Email Settings:
To ensure data security and enhance communication capabilities, our team configured Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption and optimized the email settings for seamless notifications and user engagement.

Migration of Messages and Channels:
IntelliScripts ensured a smooth transition by meticulously migrating all existing messages and channels from the cloud instance to the newly self-hosted Mattermost platform. This process preserved valuable communication history and minimized disruption for Ideereka's team.


Mattermost Team Edition (Packaged by Bitnami): IntelliScripts chose the Mattermost Team Edition to provide Ideereka with enhanced collaboration features and improved security.
Microsoft Azure: Our team utilized the robust infrastructure and scalability of Microsoft Azure to host the self-hosted Mattermost instance, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency.

IntelliScripts, through its expertise in technology solutions and commitment to client success, provided Ideereka with a seamless migration to a self-hosted Mattermost platform on Microsoft Azure. The case study demonstrates our ability to address client challenges and optimize collaboration tools, ultimately enhancing their business performance.

Join the growing list of satisfied clients. Hire IntelliScripts today for innovative technology solutions tailored to your specific needs!

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