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Intelliscripts Enhances Student Study Tracking and Data Management for Ideereka

Project type

Microsoft Teams App


Jun 2022




Ideereka faced the challenge of complying with new government norms requiring the tracking of students' study time for specific assignments in Microsoft Teams. They also needed a centralized data storage solution for audit purposes and generating final student reports.


Intelliscripts developed a study timer app using SharePoint SPFx technology, which seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams. The app can be added to any Microsoft Teams group, providing a user-friendly and familiar interface for both students and teachers. The key features of the app include:

Study Time Tracking: The app automatically starts and resumes study timers for individual students based on their assigned assignments and Microsoft Teams group ID. This ensures accurate tracking of study time without manual intervention.

Mobile Compatibility: The app is accessible from any mobile device using the Microsoft Teams official app. Students can conveniently operate the timer and monitor their study progress on the go.

Reminder and Response Mechanism: After 40 minutes of study time, the app sends a reminder notification through a Power Automate bot within Microsoft Teams. The notification prompts students to confirm if they wish to continue the timer. If no response is received, the timer automatically stops with the status "Stopped by System." Students can choose to resume the timer if they want to extend their study session.

Data Management in Azure Cosmos DB: The app securely stores all study time data in Azure Cosmos DB, ensuring centralized data management and easy access for auditing purposes. This allows Ideereka to generate comprehensive reports on students' study habits and progress.


The development of the study timer app for Ideereka followed the following framework:

Requirement Gathering: Intelliscripts closely collaborated with Ideereka to understand their specific needs, including government regulations, desired functionalities, and data management requirements.

App Development: Intelliscripts leveraged SharePoint SPFx to develop the study timer app, ensuring seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and a user-friendly experience.

Testing and Quality Assurance: The app underwent rigorous testing to ensure its functionality, performance, and compatibility across different devices and platforms.

Deployment and Integration: Intelliscripts assisted Ideereka in deploying the app to their Microsoft Teams environment and ensuring smooth integration with existing systems.

Ongoing Support: Intelliscripts provided continuous support and maintenance, addressing any issues or updates required to enhance the app's performance and usability.

Intelliscripts collaborated with Ideereka, a developer of educational tools for children with special needs, to develop a study timer app integrated with Microsoft Teams. The app efficiently tracks student study time for assignments and seamlessly stores the data in Azure Cosmos DB. This solution ensures compliance with government regulations, facilitates auditing, and enables the preparation of comprehensive student reports.

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