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Intelliscripts - BastionGPT for FortaTech Security

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June, 2023


United States


FortaTech Security required a solution that would allow healthcare professionals to securely interact with ChatGPT within their Office 365 environments. They needed a private and secure version of ChatGPT tailored to comply with the strict regulations and data privacy requirements of the US healthcare industry. Additionally, they sought a mechanism to maintain conversation history for a limited duration to provide context for ongoing conversations.


Intelliscripts developed a robust solution to meet the requirements of FortaTech Security. The key components of the solution included:

Private and Secure Edition: Intelliscripts created BastionGPT, a customized version of ChatGPT designed specifically for US healthcare environments. This version adhered to stringent security and privacy standards, ensuring the confidentiality of patient information and compliance with healthcare regulations.

Teams Bot Integration: The Intelliscripts team built a Teams bot that seamlessly integrated with Office 365 environments. The bot provided a user-friendly interface for healthcare professionals to interact with ChatGPT and obtain accurate and reliable information.

Conversation History: To maintain context and facilitate follow-up questions, Intelliscripts implemented a solution using Azure Table Storage. Each received message was stored in the table storage, and when new messages arrived, the bot queried the storage to retrieve the relevant conversation history from the past hour. This feature enhanced the user experience by providing continuity in conversations.


Azure AI
Azure Table Storage

Intelliscripts partnered with FortaTech Security to develop BastionGPT, a private and secure edition of ChatGPT specifically designed for US healthcare environments. The objective was to create a Teams bot that could be installed within clients' Office 365 environments, enabling users to communicate with OpenAI 4.0 (ChatGPT). The bot needed to maintain conversation history for up to 1 hour, ensuring context for follow-up questions. The solution involved leveraging Azure Table Storage and implementing the bot using Node.js and TypeScript.

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