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Ideereka API Gateway Implementation

Project type

Azure API Gateway


Apr, 2022




Ideereka faced several challenges with their existing architecture. They lacked a centralized control mechanism for their APIs, leading to a spaghetti architecture where any system could directly call any API. This approach made it difficult to manage and maintain the system effectively. Additionally, they lacked a standardized authentication process across their APIs, leading to potential security vulnerabilities. Ideereka required a solution that would address these issues and provide a more efficient and secure approach to their API infrastructure.


Intelliscripts analyzed Ideereka's API landscape and proposed a comprehensive solution that centered around the implementation of Azure App Gateway. The following key advantages were achieved through Intelliscripts' solution:

1. **Centralized DNS and Backend Flexibility:** By routing all API requests through a single Azure Gateway endpoint, Ideereka gained the ability to change the backend without modifying the frontend. This provided enhanced flexibility and future-proofing for their system.

2. **Unified Authentication Mechanism:** Intelliscripts implemented a common gateway endpoint, allowing for centralized authentication across all APIs. This ensured that every API request traversed through the gateway, making it easier to enforce authorization headers and maintain a secure API ecosystem.

3. **Input and Output Manipulation:** The Intelliscripts team enabled the API Gateway to manipulate input and output data without making changes to the actual API code. This feature allowed Ideereka to modify and transform data as needed, providing flexibility and adaptability to their processes.

4. **Dynamic Routing based on Input:** The API Gateway was configured to dynamically route requests based on input parameters, including body and headers. This capability empowered Ideereka to define routing rules and handle API requests more efficiently based on the specific needs of their system.


- Azure App Gateway
- Integromat
- Azure Cosmos DB
- Azure Storage APIs
- Power Automate HTTP Triggered

Intelliscripts was hired by Ideereka, a company focused on developing resources to assist children, adolescents, and adults with special needs. Ideereka had multiple microservices, including custom-made APIs, Integromat flows triggered using API endpoints, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Storage APIs, Power Automate HTTP Triggered, and more. They approached Intelliscripts with the goal of implementing an API Gateway to streamline their architecture and enhance their system's performance, security, and flexibility.

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