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Enhancing Document Management and Search Interface for a Leading Client

Project type

SharePoint Custom Development


Dec 2022


United States


Karora Technologies, a prominent software solutions provider, faced a challenge while working with one of their esteemed clients. The client utilized SharePoint as their document management system, storing a substantial number of documents exceeding 40,000 in a single library. As their document repository grew, it became increasingly challenging to efficiently search and retrieve specific files based on various file properties and metadata.

The client recognized the necessity of a robust search interface that could handle complex queries and deliver precise results. Additionally, they required an intuitive way to access and manipulate files directly from the search results, streamlining their document management processes.


Karora Technologies engaged IntelliScripts, a leading IT solutions company, to address their client's document management and search challenges. IntelliScripts, known for its expertise in building elegant and innovative technology solutions, designed a tailored approach to meet the client's requirements effectively.

The IntelliScripts team decided to leverage SharePoint's modern development framework (SPFx) and the SharePoint Search API to create a customized search web part. By utilizing these technologies, they could develop a seamless and responsive user interface while ensuring compatibility with the client's existing SharePoint environment.

The proposed solution centered around the following key components:

SharePoint SPFx Web Part: IntelliScripts developed a visually appealing and user-friendly web part that seamlessly integrated with the client's SharePoint environment. The web part acted as the search interface, allowing users to input their search queries and retrieve relevant documents based on various file properties and metadata.

SharePoint Search API: IntelliScripts made efficient use of the SharePoint Search API to execute complex queries against the SharePoint search index. This approach ensured that search results were accurate, quickly delivered, and aligned with the client's expectations.

SharePoint Search Metadata Columns: To enable searching based on specific file properties and metadata, IntelliScripts created custom SharePoint search metadata columns. These columns were mapped to corresponding properties, ensuring comprehensive and targeted search results.

File Manipulation Options: One of the key features IntelliScripts implemented was the ability to perform file actions directly from the search results. Users could open files using compatible applications (such as MS Office for documents, PDF viewers, or image viewers) and view or edit file properties seamlessly.


SharePoint SPFx Web Part: This modern development framework allowed IntelliScripts to create a visually appealing and interactive search interface seamlessly integrated into the client's SharePoint environment.

SharePoint Search API: By utilizing the SharePoint Search API, IntelliScripts efficiently executed complex search queries against the vast document repository, delivering accurate and relevant results.

SharePoint Search Metadata Columns: IntelliScripts leveraged custom SharePoint search metadata columns to enable targeted searching based on various file properties and metadata.

Thanks to IntelliScripts' innovative approach and expertise in SharePoint solutions, Karora Technologies' client achieved a significant enhancement in their document management processes. The new search interface empowered them to effortlessly search and retrieve documents based on different file properties, ensuring efficient information retrieval across their vast document library.

With IntelliScripts' tailored SharePoint solution, the client experienced improved productivity and streamlined document management, enabling them to focus on core business operations while leveraging the power of IT and technology to their advantage. IntelliScripts once again proved its commitment to delivering elegant and effective technology solutions, solidifying its position as a trusted IT partner for businesses striving for success in the modern e-economy.

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