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Employee Shift Management Automation

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Mar, 2023




Ideereka faced challenges in manually creating reverse Office 365 Calendar entries for employee shifts. The process was time-consuming and prone to errors, impacting the efficiency of shift management. They needed a solution to automatically generate calendar entries based on the specified shift timings.


Intelliscripts designed a robust solution using Power Automate and Azure API Gateway to automate the creation of reverse Office 365 Calendar entries. The solution involved the following steps:

1. Power Automate Flow Trigger: The flow was triggered using the employee's email as input.
2. Retrieving Shift Entries: The flow called the Ideereka Azure API Gateway, which communicated with Airtable to fetch all relevant shift entries for the employee, excluding past dates.
3. Logic and Calendar Entry Creation: Using logical calculations, the flow determined the required Outlook calendar entries based on the shift timings. It then created each calendar entry individually.
4. Error Handling and JSON Response: The flow returned a JSON error response containing all the calendar entries successfully created.

Technologies Used

Power Automate
Azure API Gateway
Office 365 Calendar

Intelliscripts partnered with Ideereka, a developer of educational tools for children with special needs, to streamline their employee shift management process. Ideereka maintained employee shifts in Airtable and required the creation of reverse Office 365 Calendar entries for each shift. Intelliscripts developed a custom Power Automate flow to automate this process, ensuring accurate and synchronized calendar entries for employees.

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